LCJ In Depth

LCJ In Depth

Founded in 1990 by Moe and Marianne Coutu, Lessard Coutu Jewellers has been built on making customer service paramount.  LCJ is made up of a team of goldsmiths, gemologists and computer graphics designers that can provide you with not only professional service, but also the personal attention you can only get from an independent business.  Using our expertise, we are able to custom make one of a kind jewellery with your creative influence.  This is what separates us from the typical retailer.  We are able to offer you the perfect piece of jewellery through our second to none design process which allows you to be fully involved from start to finish in all aspects of your jewellery’s creation.  LCJ’s experts are available to you at every step of the way.

Our unique design process allows us to give you exactly what you are looking for in your jewellery. When creating jewellery with us, you will sit down with one of our expert designers and watch your ideas become a reality.  You may have a basic idea of what kind of design you want (our portfolio has plenty to offer) or you may come in and build upon advice from your designer. Using our specialists’ suggestions combined with your ideas, you will create a two dimensional design using computer graphic technology.  This allows you to see the piece before it has been made, whether it is a ring, pendant, bracelet, or anything else you can imagine.

Once approved by you, the design moves into the model creation process. It is either carved by hand or graphically designed on our computer CAD computer program and grown from a rapid prototype machine.  The model is then made into an investment mold which is casted in the metal of your choice.  LCJ uses white and yellow gold in your choice of karat as well as the variations of platinum and silver, the choice is yours!  The casted jewellery is then set with the diamonds or gemstones, cleaned, polished and ready to be worn.  You can review or change aspects of your piece at any point in the process, which assures 100% satisfaction.

LCJ strives to provide you with one of a kind jewellery at prices that are financially viable to guidelines you set.  Not only will we advise you on what will cost more or less, but all work is done on site to save you the heavy cost of manufacturing elsewhere.  All pieces created by us have a lifetime guarantee. They will be made to last the first time around, at no extra cost to you.  When you are choosing a meaningful piece of jewellery, you cannot settle for off the shelf.  Imagine how you truly feel and express it with a one of a kind customized piece from LCJ.

LCJ doesn’t only make custom jewellery. Our small team of experts will also help you with all other jewellery needs.  In addition to our primary service of exclusive jewellery, we offer the secondary services of jewellery repair, jewellery appraisal, purchasing old material or redesigning old pieces.  We put the same amount of attention and care into handling your jewellery for repair as we do with any piece we create.  Our professional service will surely be able to devise solutions to any jewellery related issue.

Whether you are looking for a unique way to express yourself or the perfect way of saying ‘I love you’, LCJ is the only location that can provide you with an exquisite piece of jewellery fashioned exclusively for you.

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