Design Process

Here is how LCJ will work with you to create the perfect engagement ring for her!

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This is where you come in!Step1-4

To guide you along the jewellery design stage, you sit down with one of our expert designers to help you construct a practical design.  During this stage you provide feedback as to how the design is progressing to ensure it is shaped according to and themes and ideas you see fit.

Your design will be constructed on our computer graphics program while you watch!  More diamonds? More Style? Original ideas? Gemstones? General or specific suggestions from what you see on screen allow us to create the piece you are dreaming of.  Best of all, you can see it before it is made!


Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 5.23.53 AM

We use your two dimensional design to build a workable ‘model’ of your ring (or other jewellery) to be! There are two ways that LCJ creates models, which allows us to build any design you can imagine.  We use both old-fashioned hand modelling techniques, and the new school of three dimensional CAD model creation.  This way any amount of intricacy can be achieved.

Additionally, at this point you can view the first tangible component of your design!










Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 5.25.03 AM







Here’s where the LCJ professionals will handle the fabrication of your ring.  The model is cast into its respective platinum or gold; white or yellow, the choice is yours.  Any assembly and goldsmithing is done at this stage.  This gives you the chance to view your piece in its nearly finished stage.

All work is done on site by our specialists to ensure quality that will last generations!



Your pre-selected (or provided) diamonds or gemstones are set into your jewellery.  Any engravings or special finishes (like rhodium onto white gold) are applied. A final detailed cleaning and polish reveal your one of a kind work of art!  









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