Additional Services

In addition to custom made jewellery LCJ provides the following services




If you have old or unwanted jewellery, LCJ can use those materials to re-create something new and exiting!

Allowing you to use your own materials is just one more way LCJ allows you to create one of a kind jewellery at less cost to you.



When your jewellery begins to show signs of wear or falls into disrepair, LCJ will come up with professional solutions to bring your piece back to its out of the box lustre.

We will carefully examine each piece to assess its condition and go over the different options with you, this way you can choose which option will best suit your jewellery’s needs.

We guarantee the quality of all our repair work just as we do with all of our custom work.


LCJ will buy all of your unwanted gold, silver and platinum for the highest price available to you.

Additionally, all gold purity testing is done while you watch so that you know exactly what you have and what it should be worth!

Additional materials such as diamonds and gemstones will only be purchased by LCJ if they adhere to top quality standards.



The proper documentation is important to confirm the value of your jewellery.  LCJ has gemologists certified by the Gemological Institute of America as well as certified goldsmiths to issue valid appraisals.


LCJ does appraisals for insurance, estate valuation, re- sale and other purposes.  An appraisal will accurately examine the type of fabrication, list the components, identify materials, grade the value of diamonds and gemstones, and assess the overall value of your jewellery; giving you peace of mind in knowing exactly what you have.

Standard appraisals (approx. 1 week wait): $75

On the spot appraisals (approx. 1 hour wait): $85


LCJ does free on the spot jewellery cleaning and polishing. Come to our downtown location and we will make your jewellery shine like the day it was purchased, in less than 5 minutes!

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