Feel the love

‘’Lessard Coutu is a jewellery experience like no other. They
welcome you to sit with them, have a coffee, and dream up
what your shine can look like and how they will bring it to life.’’

Client: Suanne Staff

Date: July, 2020

Category: Remount and Styling

The Lessard Coutu experience

Lifetime Guarantee

Highest Quality and Durability

All custom orders are guaranteed for life when you bring your ring for regular maintenance at no extra cost.

Made to order

Here to serve you

Giving you complete design capability, we'll guide you until you have an elegant and timeless masterpiece that's perfect. No piece of jewellery leaves our studio until you deem it to be perfect.

Unmatched Beauty

Expert Styling

We are students of historical fashion through the most current trends. Pure and recycled gold is our medium and the endless ways it can be made into your masterpiece. We are observers of highest industry standards in diamond quality in both naturally mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds.

What they said

Some of Niagara's finest


As fancy, classy, understated, or as minimalistic as you like. Anything is possible.

“Top Quality”

My friend and I were comparing rings and she said ‘okay but why is yours so much more sparkly?’

-Gabriella Levinski

“Haute Couture”

I love my Lessard Coutu! 

-Leanne Dion

“White Glove Experience” 

Being able to tell our story in our ring makes all the difference.

-Drew Chapelle